A Picture Speaks 1000 Words About An HOA


If you buy a Condo, you will be part of a Home Owner’s Association (HOA). The size, the politics and the philosophy of each HOA will vary wildly depending on the personalities involved, the price point & the neighborhood. My HOA on Hill Street here in Santa Monica is just 4 units, I am the Treasurer of the HOA – (I manage the money) and when I host an HOA meeting, this is how it looks…something for everyone – from truffle oil, sushi & Sake to Cheese Wiz & Wheat Thins. An HOA that gets along, and is able to share an evening together, amicably, will be one that works together to ensure their building, property values, finances and quality of life are safeguarded and they are all on the same page. 

Keep that in mind as you house hunt – particularly the size of the building you would live in…I will now spend the day enjoying some leftovers. (cheese wiz).

-Rob Maschio